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  • About us

    ITGS Executive Search specializes in the recruitment of Leaders, Sales&Marketing and IT&Digital professionals. Our recognized expertises? Build teams starting with the first employees on the ground  Scale teams that live well together and succeed beyond expectations Secure the recruitment of key people for senior executive roles.

    Recruiting, the first act of management

    A key act. A complex task.

    Recruiting is a complex task that requires many time and skills - to formalize and prioritize needs, define and execute a sourcing strategy, assess and motivate candidates, evaluate soft skills /motivations / cultural fit, check information, negotiate, prepare onboarding... No one can do it alone! Managers and recruiters must work as a team and share the same objectives.

    Recruitment for a key position: no room for error!

    Because the cost of a mistake is huge.

    Recruiting a CxO or a VP is a strategic move. Making a mistake is very costly (recruitment, integration, training, ramp-up, dismissal, new recruitment, etc.). But the real costs are hidden and they are huge: delay in reaching objectives, damaged brand image, loss of customers and partners confidence, employees reduced motivation, significant advantage for competitors...

    Securing strategic recruitments

    Secure [syn.] "go through a search and get a candidate to sign"?

    Yes, but not only that! Securing means not being wrong about needs and priorities. It also means being efficient and qualitative, finding creative and relevant solutions, giving choice, respecting constraints... Most importantly, it means recruiting the right person who will be motivated, successful in their job, who will take responsibility and who will be a long-term employee.

    Expert recruitment consultancy

    ...as an anti-failure weapon.

    What would be the essential ingredients to secure strategic recruitments? Business and recruitment expertise, a great deal of experience, consulting approach, proven know-how, committed team, excellent reputation... What for? To be able to really question, challenge and advise hiring managers, to identify, qualify and convince candidates etc... Is that a lot? Yes it is, and it's ITGS!

  • Itgs ranked in the

    top 35 Executive search firms & TOP 50 RECRUITMENT AGENCIES

    by the business magazine Les EchoS

    We would like to warmly thank our clients and candidates for their trust and loyalty!

  • Key figures

    ITGS is considered by clients and candidates to be the #1 agency for the IT & Digital industry on the french market (source RH Advisor)


    ITGS Executive Search has been created in 2002 - 18 years ago


    Number of clients for whom ITGS Search has recruited since 2002


    Number of succesful recruitments since the creation of ITGS Search


    Satisfaction rating given by ITGS' clients & candidates on RH Advisor


    ITGS has been ranked #1 agency for 8 consecutive years on RH Advisor


    ITGS in the top 50 recruitment agencies with the highest 5-star rating by the magazine Les Echos

  • Meet Our A-Team

    Our team is made up of managers and consultants who have dual expertise in recruitment and information technology.

    Our reputation? We are professional, competent, demanding, creative, pugnacious, results driven, caring, honests and last but not least... we are personable!


    Managing Director & Founder

    Mr. ITGS


    ✪ He's said to be a reference in the IT&Digital Recruitment industry for Executive and sales roles... it's a little over the top! ;-)

    ✪ 30+ years in tech, sales, recruitment, management & executive roles in IT (services & software) and recruitment


    Senior Consultant

    Mrs. start-up


    ✪ Need to build an overperforming management committee or a sales team? She is the right person!

    ✪ 20+ years in HR & recruitment positions in transportation, software and recruitment


    Senior Consultant

    Mrs. everything is possible


    ✪ Whatever you need, she´ll be able to help!

    ✪ 20+ years in HR & recruitment positions in consulting, food & beverages, transportation, IT (services & software) and recruitment


    Senior Consultant

    Mrs. Techy


    ✪ Probably the only former IT business woman who is passionate about technical roles!

    ✪ 20+ years in business & recruitment positions in IT services and recruitment


    Search Consultant

    Miss I will find!


    ✪ Tenacity, commitment, good mood... she has it all!

    ✪ 10 years in HR & recruitment positions in services, semiconductors, software and recruitment

  • A proven Methodology

    With 600 succesful recruitments, we can say without fear of contradiction that we know how to recruit the best talents in a competitive market! Our 10-phases methodology guarantees that each step of the process is carefully analyzed and implemented.



    Briefing and production of the profile of the company and job description


    Strategy & Targeting

    Choice of the recruitment strategy & Targeting of potential candidates


    Search & Sourcing

    Search for candidates in our database, on social networks and in our network


    Direct approach

    Making contact using any omnicanal facilities (mobile, emails, linkedin, sms, whatsapp...)



    Face to face interviews, evaluations, references checks



    Presentation of a qualified shortlist of candidates



    Recommendation on the choice of candidate



    Intermediation between the client and the candidate to facilitate negotiation



    Champagne!... but it's not finished yet



    Periodic interviews and meetings with the recruit before and after their integration

  • Our A-KPI's

    Performance is the standard.


    Success rate for exclusive missions (average)


    Time required to present the future recruit (in weeks)


    Number of shortlisted candidates per recruit


    Percentage of acceptance of the job offer (average)

    5% | 8% | 22%

    Perc. of staffing turnover during the trial period | aft 1yr | aft 3yrs

  • Keys to Success

    Partnership with customers & candidates.


    IT & Recruitment

    10+ years in IT, 70 years in recruitment (cumul), 575 recruitments

    We know what we are talking about!


    Structured & agile approach

    #Security #Quality #Reactivity #ShortDeadline #CostControl #Confidentiality


    To identify, attract, assess

    #ATS #LinkedinRecruiter #MarketingAutomation #BigData/Search #AI/Predictive


    2.000+ professionals

    Targeting, sourcing, reference checking, sales assistance...

    We can ask them almost anything!


    Committed, useful, reliable, trusted

    #InvestHeavily #Listen&Learn #BeDemanding  #BeCreative #BeFair #NeverForce #NeverCheat #NeverGiveUp


    A reference on the market

    A value-added partner for our clients and candidates that offers exceptional opportunities and can be trusted.

  • Take a look at our A-Customers

    Information Technology, Digital & Innovation are our unquestionable area of expertise. Our customers are software / saas vendors, e-commerce players, IT services providers, IT / Digital departments... They are global companies, international or local players, startups / scale-ups / unicorns, brick & mortars or pure players... We help them build the best teams to achieve their goals.

    Startups & Scaleups (fr)

    Software / SaaS (fr)

    IT Consulting & Services

    IT & Digital (end-user / xTech)

    Scaleups & Software / SaaS (Intl')

  • testimonials

    ❝ The A-agency ❞

    Dir Exec Recruiting EMEA @ SAP

    ❝ ITGS Search is in the top 10 percent of headhunters when it comes to finding talent in the fields of sales and sales leadership...❞

    Recruitment of CMO, Sales Directors, Sales Execs, Presales...

    CEO @ Transparency-One

    ❝ ITGS was very fast and effective in delivering results for us. They quickly understood our needs and took a pragmatic approach...❞

    Recruitment of a Sales Director

    Partner @ Galileo Partners

    ❝ ITGS was extremely effective in delivering the right candidate in a very short period of time... 

    True efficiency.❞

    Recruitment of a VP Sales

    Dir Social care, Healthcare & Lifesciences industries @ IBM

    ❝ ITGS performed an outstanding job: well-targeted opportunity, precise and personalized coaching... I highly recommend!

    Recruited as Associate Partner

  • And 8!

    Itgs ranked #1 by candidates on RH Advisor For the 8th consecutive year

    We would like to warmly thank our candidates and clients for their trust and loyalty!

  • Inspiration. Smile.

    Love what you do.

    Catch me if you can!​

    From virtual to real...

    Stuff a sales rep will never say!!! 🤣

    More stuff sales reps will never say!!! 🤣

    Why not take commission away from sales people?? 🤣

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